Mary began her community involvement through neighborhood activism. Along with all of her other stellar qualifications, that kind of on-the-ground understanding of what makes our community tick is an invaluable voice that she would bring to City Council.
Crystal Gray, former Boulder City Council member 2003 – 2011

Mary will bring the same informed humanism to the City Council that she brought to bear on planning issues.
Bob Poeschl, Architect

I’m impressed with Mary’s engineering background and her disposition to weigh both sides of an issue carefully without regard to pressure from special interests—hers will be a needed voice on council.
Ron Tupa, former Colorado State Representative, Boulder’s House District 14

I like that Mary understands the importance of local businesses and their deep economic impact. As a downtown restaurant owner, this matters a lot to me.
Guillermo Casarrubias, Owner, Trattoria on Pearl

Mary’s knowledge of our community has depth and breadth. Her demonstrated leadership, unique upbringing and perspective will add an important voice to the Boulder City Council.
Josie Heath

There is a large population of Spanish speakers in the Boulder community that are learning English but are not yet comfortable enough with it to communicate their thoughts on local political issues. As a bilingual, bicultural person, Mary can help to welcome their ideas, increase their engagement and leverage all that they have to offer Boulder.

Lee Shainis, Executive Director and Co-Founder, Intercambio

I was delighted when Mary Young met with me to tell me she is running for Boulder City Council and I immediately offered her my unqualified support. Mary knows Boulder inside and out and she is a thoughtful, reasonable person with no axe to grind. She will do an excellent job of balancing diverse interests and protecting the wonderful community that we all love and that so many have worked to build over the last several decades.

Stan Garnett, Boulder County District Attorney

From my years of serving on the Boulder Planning Board with Mary, I have witnessed firsthand her strong commitment to social equity and sustainability, the thoughtfulness she brings to any policy conversation and her inclusive approach to solving community challenges. She would bring a unique and welcomed perspective to Boulder’s City Council.

Elise Jones, Boulder County Commissioner

Mary will bring to the City Council a unique and welcome combination of assets: the training of a mechanical engineer, the experience of chairing the City’s Planning Board, an understanding of the importance of our non-profits, and the ability to bridge cultures.

Tim Plass, Boulder City Council Member

Mary’s background and experience are ideal for service on the Boulder City Council.

Ruth Wright, former Colorado State House Representative and Minority Leader

The city will benefit from having Mary on City Council. She has a vision of a more inclusive Boulder as well as the ability to implement that vision. I appreciate Mary’s commitment to ensuring that the whole spectrum of Boulder residents are heard and included.

John Putnam, Boulder Planning Board member

I have admired Mary since serving on the eGo CarShare board together. Her willingness to work to make Boulder the best it can be is inspirational.

Daniel Ziskin, former Boulder City Council candidate

Mary Young is one of Boulder’s most experienced, knowledgeable, and caring citizens and will serve our community well as a City Council member.

Joy Princeton, Ph.D., Neighbor

Mary has served our community with intelligence, grace and joy for many years — we would be very fortunate to benefit from her continued service, this time on City Council.

Susan Peterson, former Boulder City Council candidate

I’ve known Mary for over 25 years and I have no friend who “walks her talk” more than she does. With her proven track record of active citizenship, we’d be lucky to have her on city council.
Nancy Grimes