I am running for Boulder City Council and I need your support.


I am running because I love Boulder and feel extraordinarily lucky to live here. I have the experience it takes to gather community support, create collaborations, and pull together the resources to solve problems. I am committed to building a town where all people have a seat at the table. I believe the foundation for a resilient, inclusive and healthy community is in local businesses, local energy, local food production and, especially, our people.


If elected to the City Council, progress in these areas will be a priority for me:


  • Forging a strong economy in partnership with local businesses, the federal labs and the university as we build a bridge to a carbon-free future by innovating policies and programs that recognize the importance of lowering our energy use.
  • Expanding Eco Pass coverage to everyone living and working in Boulder
  • Providing housing choices that meet our social, economic and environmental goals by updating existing ordinances that allow, for example, seniors to age in place
  • Recognizing the economic contributions made by all members of our community
  • Steering our land use planning policies further toward walkable streets and neighborhoods, human scale urban development, and responsible stewardship of our historical and natural resources

Boulder has a long history of citizens working together to accomplish great things. From its inception, Boulder’s unique beauty was recognized, and bold steps were taken to shape it. Colorado’s first schoolhouse, a bond issue to buy the land for Chautauqua, the donation of land for the University of Colorado, the Blue Line boundary, the country’s first sales tax to fund open space, and the country’s first carbon tax are all examples of citizens working together for the betterment of this place we love. These efforts have paid huge dividends -this is the spirit we must carry into the future.


I have lived in Boulder for more than 30 years. Currently, I chair Boulder’s Planning Board and am in my fifth year as a Planning Board member. The intersection of land use planning, carbon reduction and social issues is of special interest to me. In tackling these tough issues, I will apply the business and analytical skills I developed as an engineer working for Bell Labs and other technical enterprises and bring a “big picture” perspective I have gained working and volunteering for local non-profits.


Volunteering has brought me great satisfaction. I have been active in my neighborhood and was appointed to the recommendation group for the development of Washington School. I spent two years on the board of eGO CarShare, three years on grant-making committees of the Community Foundation, was an advisor to a group growing food on neighborhood front lawns and was co-founder and board member of a grassroots online local news website. For five years, I cooked breakfast at the homeless shelter. This long process of engagement has nurtured in me a genuine love of public service.


To share ideas or advice, email me at Mary@YoungForCouncil.org. Consider making a campaign contribution, either monetary (up to a maximum of $100) or volunteer to help during the campaign.


And last, my inspiration comes from long hikes in our open space and mountain parks, frequent bike rides on our many paths and trails, reading and writing non-fiction, and growing food. I believe that our bright future hinges on collaboration, inclusivity, all things local and the ability of all of us to, in the words of Teddy Roosevelt, “Keep daring greatly.”